Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Why Outsource Your IT Projects To Freelance Developers?

All businesses today are talking about operational savings and cost cutting.  This translates to change in the hiring policies of many companies especially SMB and startups.  Hiring fulltime professionals for temporary projects does not bode well with today’s hiring policies.  The only option left is outsourcing projects to external contractors.  What do you do if you have projects to be developed in  .NET, Android, PHP.  Not many large software development companies will be interested in small projects and also the cost and development timeline will be highly prohibitive.  The only option is to hire freelance programmers who offer good development cost and better development timeline. 

In  recent years the freelance programmers have become more capable and dependable in handling projects on their own .The advent of portals like have increased the availability of reliable freelance programmers and these portals also take on the onus of completion of any project routed through them within the given timeframe and budget.  These portals can provide developers proficient in different platforms and development languages like .NET, Android, PHP and other open source platforms.

When a firm hires a fulltime software developer they are restricted to a certain technology or platform for all their activities and the flexibility of being able to associate development of software with the best available platform.  Outsourcing gives us this flexibility and by outsourcing projects to freelancing developers we are able to save on cost and time.  We will be able to pick and choose the best available talent for our development activities as well as define our terms and conditions. 

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