Sunday, 25 August 2013

Why Choose Freelancing as a Career?

Freelancing has gone main stream. Employers rely more and more on independent workers to sustain and grow their businesses. Freelancers of different age groups exist in all kinds of professions with varied expertise and experience.  Gone are the days when freelancers were considered to be either “a euphemism for being unemployed or for being a slacker dude hanging out at a cafe with a laptop”.   Freelancers are now a large part of the universal workforce and their numbers are increasing day by day.  Large numbers of employed professionals are turning freelancers as the lure of flexible working hours, independence and higher earning potential is on the rise.

Any number of reasons can be given for a professional to become a freelancer but some of the most highlighted ones are these.

1.    Flexibility :      Flexibility is a large boon in a freelancers lifestyle.  It makes you work – life balance more flexible than what a traditional job can provide.  A recent survey shows that the flexible schedule is more important than salary to many the new generation workforce.  As a freelancer you are your own boss and make your own hours and work on projects you like.

2.    Networking:     When in a traditional job you are limited to your working environment and settling with the limited networking opportunities allowed by the nature of your job.  Freelance project developers have no such limitations as they can work with anyone and anywhere as they choose.  This gives them the chance to hone their skills and get associated with other experts from various parts of the globes as well as interact with a wide variety of customers and projects.

3.    Gain Experience:     Freelance Programmers can work on a wide variety of projects and thus gain valuable knowledge and experience.  Each project will be a challenge and different from the last and it beats the monotony of a traditional job.

4.    Work from Home:    Work from home is a concept that is being promoted by many MNC’s for the sole purpose of saving on space and infrastructure required for employees but they still have a lot of rules and regulations attached.  Freelancing gives you the added advantage of working from home, at whatever time you choose and best of all “NO Dress Code”.

5.    Added Income:        Initially the income and career progress might be slow for a Freelance project Developer but with experience and good client base you invariable earn more than what a traditional job offers.  Some freelancers do hold a traditional job and supplement their income with freelance projects.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Why Outsource Your IT Projects To Freelance Developers?

All businesses today are talking about operational savings and cost cutting.  This translates to change in the hiring policies of many companies especially SMB and startups.  Hiring fulltime professionals for temporary projects does not bode well with today’s hiring policies.  The only option left is outsourcing projects to external contractors.  What do you do if you have projects to be developed in  .NET, Android, PHP.  Not many large software development companies will be interested in small projects and also the cost and development timeline will be highly prohibitive.  The only option is to hire freelance programmers who offer good development cost and better development timeline. 

In  recent years the freelance programmers have become more capable and dependable in handling projects on their own .The advent of portals like have increased the availability of reliable freelance programmers and these portals also take on the onus of completion of any project routed through them within the given timeframe and budget.  These portals can provide developers proficient in different platforms and development languages like .NET, Android, PHP and other open source platforms.

When a firm hires a fulltime software developer they are restricted to a certain technology or platform for all their activities and the flexibility of being able to associate development of software with the best available platform.  Outsourcing gives us this flexibility and by outsourcing projects to freelancing developers we are able to save on cost and time.  We will be able to pick and choose the best available talent for our development activities as well as define our terms and conditions. 

Monday, 12 August 2013

Why Outsourcing Your Development Activities To Freelancers Makes Sense?

When operating in a competitive space any delay hurts your chances of being the first mover in the market.  When you can afford it outsourcing to a reputable development firm is a viable proposition, but if there is a constraint on budget and time then the best option is always outsourcing to Freelance Programmers.   Freelance programmers are a community and with the availability of Freelancing Portals finding a developer who suits your needs and fits your budget is quite easy.  The question always asked when it comes to outsourcing projects to freelance programmers has been “Reliability”, “Budget”, and “Time”.  With the advent of the internet era and highly competitive market in full sway and the spirit of being your own boss being viral, freelance programmers are competing to maintain customer relationships at the best possible level as it means repeat work for them as well as referrals.  This has started a chain reaction of freelance programmers doing projects within stipulated time and budgets as well as to the customer’s satisfaction in terms of quality.

Now the question arises how I go about finding a Freelance Programmer best suited for my project.  The answer lays with various freelancing portals like that have a plethora of talented programmers registered with them and can assist you to identify and employ a suitable Freelance Programmer.  All requirements and details including Finance, Time Limitations and programming nuances can be discussed, validated and documented giving a clear understating for all concerned about all aspects of the project including milestones and payment terms.  In case of any deviation in the schedule will be handled by the portal which will also include a suitable replacement of the Freelance Programmer if the problem identified is from the programmer. 

In conclusion we can safely say that contrary to popular beliefs of the yesteryears that freelancing is not the safe and effective way of concluding a project we can now proclaim that it is the way to go to get a project completed safely, on schedule and with the best budget.